[ day 23 // June 23, 2020]

"write a page of a diary"

this is for an average day as of now!

my full work schedule came out, and now i have so many tasks to do. i'm not gonna lie, i feel sometimes lost and overwhelmed and confused by the tasks that i have to do because everything is online, but im glad i have something productive to do over the summer!

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i really don't want to burn out like i did second semester, especially when im just at my home with almost no line between personal and work lfe. so i actually started meditating for 10 minutes via youtube! i can't say that it changed me into a different person throughout the day, but at the moment i was sitting there, letting go, i felt so peaceful and so aware of my breath, and i hope to be more comfortable with meditating!

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my friend is going through a rough patch right now with her bf. we both know her relationship is really toxic right now, so i am worried that her energy isn't protected. but i trust her process and i can take a lot of things away from her relationship and make sure not to be like that in my current relationship, which im very happy in!

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how im feeling? many things of course, and at different times of the day! when im doing work, i feel slightly lost but productive. i am anticipating for summer to be over so that i can see my friends and be a student again and go back to having classes. im feeling grateful about my relationship but also a little scared when i think about if it will end. and restless, listless from being at home all the goddamn time rn.

thanks for tuning in, diary. signing off!