1. meaning behind my url

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lil oobie vert is an inside joke that i have with my best friend from a meme we saw that said to replace the vowels in your name with "oob"i

2. biggest weakness

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my biggest weakness is 100% confrontation, i just shut down

3. biggest strength

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maybe just staying true to myself. im very mentally strong id say

4. piercings i have

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i actually dont have any piercings ): but im planning on getting my nose pierced soon!

5. favorite band

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probably the lumineers or hippo campus

6. last dream i had

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i only usually have nightmares lately. i was in this cold dark forest standing on a log and circling all around me were 50 or 60 people just staring at me, it was kinda creepy

7. phobia

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im really scared of snakes, whatever that fear is called

8. my favorite movie

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when i was little i watched a movie called "the dust factory" and at the time though i didnt completely understand the plot, i really really admired the movie. i havent seen it in probably 10 years but it still holds #1 because im not a huge movie person lol

9. color of my hair

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i had dirty blonde hair most of my childhood but now its just brown. i always hated my blonde hair so im glad its gotten darker

10. favorite model

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i dont think i can even name 5 models off the top of my head, whoops

11. favorite flower

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basic answer ik but rose! it has symbolic value to me sorry

12. cats or dogs

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i have a lot more cats but dogs have a special place in my heart

13. favorite holiday

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im not too into holidays like some people are, not for any specific reasons but i dont usually even celebrate my birthday. i guess if i had to choose my fav would be halloween

14. the last thing i ate

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im eating some honey nut cheerios as i type this lol

15. my lucky number

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its been 26 since fourth grade (:

16. my name

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17. piercings i want

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earlobes and nose ring

18. idea of the perfect date

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sunset on the beach and then skating through the city and just having fun and watching the stars

19. 5 things i hate

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when people cant think for themselves, those days where everything that could go wrong does go wrong, cheese, finding hair in your food, people that are afraid to let go and have fun

20. 5 things i love

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my friends, watching the sunrise, my pets, filmmaking shit, greys anatomy

21. a random fact about myself

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i like girls lol

22. favorite item of jewelry

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i dont wear a lot of jewelry so my fav is probably my anklet that my mom made me out of friendship bracelet thread lol, nothing too crazy

23. favorite body feature

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i like my freckles that i have rn bc of summer (:

24. tattoos i want

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i want "enjoy the journey" about my knee and a little star on the inside of my finger

25. favorite blogs

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i dont have any favorites whoops

26. what i love about myself

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i love my creativity and my wisdom and my outlook on life. i also love how i dont like drama or need to be the center of attention to feel validated

27. what i hate about myself

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i hate my body and the acne on my chest and back. i hate how big my chest and thighs are

28. favorite book

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ive put a null answer for too many of these but i rly dont have a favorite book. i dont read that often unless its in school

29. sweet or salted popcorn

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im more of a savory person so probably salted

30. someone i miss

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i miss a lot of people. i guess i miss old friends and memories that i dont know anymore, its hard growing up and growing away from people but i know thats just how it is

hey guys! i know i havent been super active for a little awhile, but im trying to get back into making articles. happy summer!!

-ayla <3