Hi love! If you’re reading this you’ve probably seen the countless articles, posts, and tweets online in which popular actors and singers ( ansel elgort and justin bieber to name a few) have been caught in allegations surrounding sexual assault. This article isn't about bashing faves, it's about victim blaming.

While I always believe it is very important to believe the victim, many people don’t share this belief and choose to point out all the flaws in the story of a person that is probably traumatized to raise their voice against a very powerful figure. Of course, I understand that there have been false allegations made in the past though I always choose to believe and stand with the victim because we live in a society that loves victim shaming and blaming. The victim is usually on their own and deserves to be innocent until proven guilty in these circumstances.

Now onto your fave, your fave is getting exposed because if the last few weeks have shown us anything it is that celebrities and influencers aren’t always who they seem to be. You may feel you know everything about your fave but you really don’t, even if you have spent more than a few minutes with them at a meet and greet or memorized every fact about them.

My point is that it’s great to have a fave. It’s great to love music and movies and to want to support someone that you identify with. I was a belieber growing up. I had every single one of Justin’s albums, and I also had a huge crush on Ansel for years. I’m not saying they’re bad people. If they truly did this then I will be very disappointed, but it doesn’t mean that my love for either of them will cloud my judgment and make me hate on someone that I don’t know but claims to have been hurt.

From one human being to another I think we owe victims at least that. ♡

♡ anyways loves that was just a little reflection piece and i thought i would share my opinion, for more content like this i have a beauty, lifestyle, selfcare podcast launching on july 1st called “project it girl” so follow me for updates on that! and listen here: https://linktr.ee/projectitgirl