Hi again every beautiful soul!

You would be pleased to know I passed my Master's thesis! I'm so relieved! I spent some days to relax, then I'm back here for some days before I go on holiday!

Since I'm passionate about astrology, I found this super tag I wanted to answer!

I decided to answer for my Sun, Moon and Rising sings, as I'm clearly a mix of the three of them! Yes, I do have a sweet tooth for super long articles...

I did the same in this article where I describe my three zodiac signs:


1. are you lazy?

It really depends… I like doing nothing important when I feel the need to relax… But I LOVE to do creative things all day long if I'm inspired, help others doing stuff...

2. do you get mad easily?

Not mad, but frustrated when others don't understand what I want to say or don't have the same opinion as mine... I can close myself very quickly.

3. do you laugh easily?

Yes! I'm a very good audience!

4. do you love getting attention?

It depends… I love being considered and love for exactly who I am, I love when people think of me for a reason or another. I want people to understand me and be interested in what I'm thinking… But I don't like being the centre of attention...

5. do you like being in control?

I don't like being the boss and the decision maker, but I hate situations when I lose the control… I'm learning more and more how to make my desires heard...

6. do you seem tired most of the time?

Oh my, yes! I'm not easily rested… I can get up still tired after 9 hours of sleep or not enough and well… It's rare that I'm well rested so I can be dynamic all day long.

7. are you a quiet person?

Oh, yes I am! I usually don't talk if no one asks me anything… I have to be super secure to speak on my own initiative.

8. are you a slow person or do you like getting everything done fast?

I love doing things slow, a little at a time, so I don't overwork my day. But it's even better when these things can be done fast, so I don't spend too much days on them, haha!

9. do you trust easily?

Oh, it's a big no! I need some months or years, depending of the person… It also depends how intimate I am with that person, what I confess to him.her… I usually have a good intuition, and I trust good people after only some weeks!

10. are you a artsy person?

Yes, I am! I love to draw, sing, dance, write, dream, create!

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1. are you out going?

I'm a lot more introverted and don't make friends easily…

2. do you joke often?

I do! I love to light joke about everything, make others laugh with philosophical replies to dramatic situations.

3. are you serious most of the time?

I love to joke, but I am serious most of the time.

4. are you loud?

I can be sometimes if I'm excited, passionate or angry, but I'm mostly a calm person!

5. do people annoy you easily?

Yes, they do… I don't feel I see things the way most people do...

6. are you romantic?

Oh my, yes! A lot...

7. do you trust people easily?

No, I don't, like I said before...

8. which zodiac do you go along with the most?

I go along very well with Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius, Pisces people!

9. are you secretive?

I am, I don't open easily to most people… And I struggle to express my feelings.

10. do you change your opinion fast?

Oh no! My stubborn Taurus trait prevails there!

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1. are you emotional?

Oh yes, a lot!

2. are you the funniest friend?

I'd not say I'm the funniest, but I totally am one of the funny ones!

3. do you get mad easily?

I'm a calm person, but I can get frustrated very easily… And quickly mad in some occasions...

4. what hurts you the most?

Not being wanted or truly appreciated by people I love...

5. do you like being in love?

I loved it, and I'd love to be again… But it'd bring back a lot of painful insecurities… I'd have to be reassured a lot...

6. do sweet words or actions make you melt easily?

Oh yes! Simply the fact friends tag me on memes makes me the happiest!

7. are you scary when you're mad?

Oh my, people are not used to me being mad! So when I am, yes, they are scared, haha!

8. can you get aggressive if you get annoyed?

I'd say not aggressive, but I close myself immediately.

9. are you usually quiet?

Yes, I totally am!

10. would you most likely help out anybody with anything?

Yes! I love to help people with random stuff!

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Thank you so much for reading this article! I really enjoyed writing this!

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