A "Desire"...what even is that?

The word desire can be defined as a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. Desire can also be defined as a strong sexual feeling or appetite. (just to be clear we are referring to desire as a noun)

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A desire is not the same thing as a want… it is much more than that. We tend to believe that our desires will fulfill us or give our lives purpose, once we achieve them. Desires are long term, we will take steps to achieve it.

Similar words :

  • yearning
  • aspiration
  • thirst
  • hunger
  • longing
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VS. What do you want?

While the word want is similar to desire, it is not the same.
Want: a lack or deficiency of something . A want can also be defined as a desire for something. (referring to the noun).
Wants and Desires are sisters not twins. Our wants are constantly changing and tend to focus on what we lack. While we may want something, we won’t take steps to achieve it, we will not be persistent, or it may just change.

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Similar words:

  • like
  • craving
  • absence
  • lack
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Just in case you still don't understand the are some examples of want and desire.


✅ Some of us may really want to be Tiktok famous. We make a few videos, and pursue fame. But most of us give up.

❌ A lot of people say " I want to be happy." What they really mean is that they desire to be happy.


✅ If you have a desire to have a certain career, you will be very persistent. For examples Doctors and Lawyers. Some of them may fail med school or the bar exam, but they have such a desire to pursue that career that they try again. An excellent example is the movie, The Pursuit of Happiness.

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I hope now you have a better understanding of what desire means. I hope that you can even identify some things that you desire :)

- A Mindful Girl

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