Summer vacation is simple to describe. It’s that 2-3 month break students get from school, life, and pretty much anything else they desire to escape from. Okay, not literally, but it’s still a break that we get from the huge amounts of homework, classwork, and coursework that get forced on us in those months of required schooling. It’s highly understandable why people freak out when it’s time for summer vacation because, really, everyone loves a break. However, there is a huge gap between what most people think their summer will be like versus how it actually turns out.

I honestly blame High School Musical 2. I was nine years old when that movie came out and I’d never really thought about my summer in clear detail until my nine-year-old eyes glanced upon the dancing and singing bodies of the High School Musical cast. There they were yelling “summer” over again, while banging their hands on the desks and getting ready to sing and dance. I know for a fact that I would have gotten expelled if I had so much as tried the things they did in that movie. Though, I guess that’s where the debate comes into play.

So here are a few expectations vs. reality comparisons about summer vacation:

Expectation: Going to tons of summer parties with your friends

Reality: Going to three or four parties in the beginning and then spending quality time with the internet the rest of the summer

Expectation: Having a summer romance

Reality: Watching romance movies all summer to try and forget the non-existence of your love life or having a two-month fling with a nicotine-addicted frat boy

Expectation: Finally reading the books on your wish list

Reality: Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and pretty much every other streaming site available

Expectation: Doing cool, aesthetic things with your friends

Reality: Sleeping for 10 hours, waking up, then sleeping again

Expectation: Having the perfect summer body

Reality: There is no perfect summer body, your body as it is right now is perfect ♡

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