Hobbies: writing poetry, short stories, plays, journal entries, and most of all, songs, playing ukulele and guitar, attending festivals

Style: vintage bohemian style with tons of texture like flowerprints and earth tones

sea image fashion image Chica, decoracion, and elegante image music, book, and vintage image book, guitar, and indie image fashion and style image


Hobbies: anything performance related, dance classes, creating youtube videos of her make-up skills

Style: Street style and anything experimental and avant-garde, loves to be daring

shoes, nike, and black image lips, glitter, and beauty image fashion, gold, and jewelry image dancing, dance, and aesthetic image Inspiring Image on We Heart It hair, fashion, and girl image


Hobbies: hanging out with friends, photography, art, painting, drawing, sculpting, poetry

Style: glamorous glittery fabrics and animal prints

makeup, beauty, and glitter image art, painting, and botticelli image Inspiring Image on We Heart It fashion, aesthetic, and dress image pearls and simone rocha image poetry, book, and quotes image


Hobbies: mix ‘n’ matching outfits and creating looks, trying any new sport that gets adrenaline rushing

Style: bold prints and edgy silhouettes

skateboard, aesthetic, and skate image tattoo, butterfly, and earrings image kpop, theme, and kpop theme image cat, cute, and animal image Temporarily removed aesthetic, grunge, and style image


Hobbies: achieving her goal in having a successful business

Style: pink, pink on pink

Temporarily removed pink, car, and aesthetic image dog, meme, and funny image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by nike pink image


Hobbies: spying and annoying the bratz

Style: also pink on pink

Image by Adriana Adriana background, girl, and pink image b, band aid, and girl image hair, blonde, and bun image pink, shoes, and aesthetic image lips, pink, and glitter image