hi! so i've been watching a lot of articles about signs as certain tv shows characters so i taught it would be really cool to make a friends version, so here we go

Temporarily removed Image by thalia 🚀 Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
pisces, scorpio
cake and vintage image friends, monica geller, and tv show image 00s, 90s, and actress image Temporarily removed
aries, virgo
90s, actress, and fashion image Seventeen, aesthetic, and vintage image Image by Vilena Thaís 00s, 90s, and actress image
leo, libra
guitar and music image 00s, 90s, and actress image 00s, 90s, and actress image cat, car, and vintage image
gemini, cancer
90s, header, and icon image Inspiring Image on We Heart It dessert, movies, and photography image friends, Joey, and Matt LeBlanc image
taurus, sagittarius
crossword, crossword puzzle, and firewatch image chandler, icon, and Matthew Perry image friends, chandler, and icon image blue, duck, and ducks image
capricorn, aquarius

thanks for reading!

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