So I wanted to make an article about rainbow colors and the vibes it gives off to me so yeah, I hope you like it


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red is a very powerful color for me with its classy yet seductive look. It gives off some kind of a high fashion independent girl boss vibe. A classy red lipstick with Louboutin pumps and maybe even Parisian beauty is probably the best embodiment of the color red.


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I've said it before but I'll say it again. IF THE 60's-80's IS A COLOR, IT'S DEFINITELY ORANGE. it has that quirky pop of the said decades. it's playful, hippie, funky, and overall a fun color.


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color yellow for me feels like one summer picnic on the country side or even a road trip to the sea. it's dainty, soft, light, and nostalgic, like some kind of a distant memory, a happy one.


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green is a very peaceful color to me, it's soft and light to the feeling, almost liberating. I believe green is the most underrated color in the rainbow (besides indigo, of course). it gives off this fancy and also a little European feeling and it's very pleasing to look at.


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of course, blue is a cold and gloomy color but to me, it can also be sensual. it is stormy and dark but it's comforting at the same time. the type of blue that you see hours before the sun rise.


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idk why but violet reminds me of Tokyo and their fluorescent signs outside. it's also kind of a party color to me, the type of lights you see in a bar. overall violet is the feminine and wilder cousin of blue.