the rules
- open your playlist
- put on shuffle mode
- press play
- for each question below, write the name of the song that is playing
- advance a song when you move on to the next question
no cheating!

opening credits

aesthetic, aesthetics, and art image concert, king, and music image
Own It- Stormzy

theme of my birth

Inspiring Image on We Heart It celebrity, clothes, and concert image
In My Feelings- Drake

first day at school

Image by bluestarxxx band, concert, and music image
Only You- Little Mix

first fight

ariana grande, met gala, and ariana image concert, moon, and singer image
7 Rings- Ariana Grande

first heartache

beautiful, beauty, and blonde image concert, live, and singer image
Meant To Be- Bebe Rexha

my school life

khalid image blue, concert, and khalid image
Ocean- Khalid

my adult life

marshmello, photoedit, and picsart image Image removed
Happier- Marshmello

my valentines song

Taylor Swift image Temporarily removed
Bad Blood- Taylor Swift

first major accomplishment

bruno mars image celeb, celebrity, and concert image
That's What I Like- Bruno Mars

my wedding song

Image removed Image removed
Story Of My Life- One Direction

first song to play in my car

band, black and white, and music image concert, photography, and lauv image
I Like Me Better- Lauv

theme of my flashbacks

destiny's child, 00s, and michelle williams image singing image
Survivor- Destiny's Child

song of the birth of my first child

sel, selena gomez, and babygirl image artist, celeb, and choreography image
Back To You- Selena Gomez

song that'll be playing when i die

Image removed a team, arena, and blue image
Photograph- Ed Sheeran

final credits

Image removed avicii, music, and concert image
Wake Me Up- Avicii