I hope everyone had a good day/night.

Positive Quotes

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I think this is a great thing, only you should control yourself and who you are, no one else, you should alter how you think so it's mostly positive and delete any or as much possible negativity from your life.
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I don't know about you, but I know for me there are somedays where it feels like I'm not loved and like I make it hard for people to love me so this quote kinda perks me up a bit and reminds me of how my partner makes me feel.
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Be brave. I'm not saying anyone should go out and take horribly dangerous risks, but I am saying push yourself a little harder to do the things you're afraid of doing (As Long As It's Safe!)
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This is probably my top favorite quote out of all the articles I've done. It's very well written and good positive words.

Positively Religious

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Everyone sins and has sinned, there is no one person in the world who hasn't sinned in some way no matter how small, but we're all saved in Jesus' name.
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I'm not sure if I used this one last time or not, but this is one of my favorites, and I'm always happy when I read it.
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I feel like John 3:16 is a well known verse but it's also another favorite of mine because it talks about how God sacrificed his own Son to be close to us again even though we sin.
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I couldn't have said this better myself. Amen.

Positive Things I Did Today

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I spent the day with my grandmother.
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I ate mcdonalds for lunch with my grandmother.
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I played 4 games of Yahtzee with my grandmother
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I cleaned and did laundry today and also the dishes
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I made dinner for my mum tonight, and watched tv together.

Positive Pictures That Made Me Happy Today

Image by ⚜️Luna en el Cielo ⚜️
A beautiful bouquet of pink roses
Image by mattamanga
This is probably one of the cutest things I've ever seen.
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This is just very aesthetic to me and beautiful, I'm not a very materialistic person but it's a dream of mine to have a closet like this.
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I think this is very lovely. I wish I could do makeup really good like this, but I still enjoy watching videos of people doing artsy stuff with makeup.

That's all for today! I hope everyone has a good day/night.

~ Kay