Young, for some it's just a word, for others is a whole story...what being young really means? When you're young, you're free and careless, you don't have any obligations or any real responsibilities. Lots of us get caught and lost in things we shouldn't, like love, a job, an exam...we lose the meaning of our age.

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Now tell me something, how you'd imagine your life would be like from the age of 20 to 30? I'm sure most of you wouldn't think that you'd be caught up in a job of 8 hours that waste all of your days, with bosses that don't care if you're in a university and studying or have any other responsibilities at all, most of you wouldn't think that you'd be too tired to go out and have fun with friends, most of you wouldn't think that they would spend their best years sleeping all day because of depression, fatigue or lack of confidence. I would never, ever imagine that, but guess what? We are all in the same situation now, we are all speeding up our age and we're living like grown-ups instead of spending our days like it's our last.

Society stole our energy, our imagination, and our creativity and the worst of all this is that WE let them do it and we're still allowing it to them...So I advise you to screw them kindly. Forget the "responsibilities" they put on you, live your age, go out, have fun, take road trips, listen to music in max volume, take late-night swims, get drunk, meet strangers, take risks, go on adventures, travel a lot, spend the night wondering at the city and believe me, that way you'll live longer. You have so much time in front of you for obligations, rents, jobs, and sleeping. We have to live while we're young. Don't let anybody steal that from you. You're the master of your world and don't ever forget that.

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