I know it's a bit late and we are already halfway through the year, but I wanted to make a count of why 2019 was my favorite year. I have only six reasons, so the list will not be so long:

Reason #1: Last year of high school

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It was my last semester before graduating and I had an incredible time with my friends. Even in college we keep in touch and I find it amazing the relationships so strong that one creates. We got into trouble, studied together for our college exam, and went to parties.

Reason #2: Prom

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So last year was my high school graduation. I'm from Mexico, and we only have two or three years of school here, but mine was only two years, which was… fine, I guess. I didn't want to go, but my mom insisted, so I went and after the party we went to a friend's house and we continued celebrating. It was incredible. It's good that I didn't refuse to attend. It was one of the best days of my life.

Reason #3: Party

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I went to many parties and small gatherings with my friends. I don't really like big parties, so we always tried to just get my group of friends and I together in one house, but that didn't take us away from the fun. We always found a way to have fun and get into trouble. We wanted to have as much fun as we could before entering college.

Reason #4: College

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I took my exam to enter the university and luckily I passed. I was so proud because the odds of passing are low. In fact, the result was given to me on the day of my graduation, which made me even happier on the day. Now I only have five years to graduate from university (well, four if we count the one that has already passed).

Reason #5: Book Fair

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Another of the experiences that I loved was meeting Claudia Ramirez, she is a YouTuber and writer. She wrote a book called "El Principe del Sol" and "La Ladrona de la Luna". I stood in line for over four hours to meet her, but it was worth it.

Reason #6: Beach and vacations

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For my vacations, I went to visit my family who lives in Mexico City. We visit the pyramids and many museums. But my favorite part was when we all went to the beach. I had a good time with my family, I don't see them very often more than once or twice a year.

I hope you liked it. I send you all a kiss and a hug, bye.