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1- ☾ Jamila

On the one hand, Jamila may come from Arabic (Kamilah), the meaning of which is "complete, perfect", while others assure that it is a variation of Yamile, a name derived from Arabic (Jamilah), which can be interpreted as "The most beautiful"


Jamila loves her independence and freedom, and it is for this reason that she hardly manages to consolidate a family or lasting relationships. Responsible, dedicated and persevering, at a professional level, she usually excels in the arts, because she does not like obligations to third parties. Risk, adventure and experiencing new things fill her life with happiness

Lucky number: 3

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2- ✩ Elm

This name comes from Italy and means protection. It is the Italian Contraction of Erasmus.


He is independent, seductive and adventurous. He usually has a special magnetism that makes people want to always be by his side. In love he is demanding and a perfectionist. He wants to find someone to share his dreams with.

Lucky number: 3

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3- ❅ Briseida

Of Greek origin, Briseida is a girl's name that is currently not too widespread but in the past it was quite common. The most famous Briseida was a woman who became a widow during the Trojan War after the murder of her husband. Then, she was kidnapped by Achilles.


Precisely from that famous Briseida comes the fact that these women are considered to be true fighters and sufferers. They are tenacious women capable of coping in any environment without any difficulty. They are tireless women, who fight non-stop until the end of their days. And when they witness some kind of injustice, the Briseidas have no problem taking the lead in fighting that injustice.

Lucky number: 4

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4- ✦ Neferet

The name is of Egyptian origin and means "beautiful woman.” In Egypt at the time of birth the mother was in charge of naming the newborn. This first name was related in some way to the child's personality and used to refer to some positive characteristic.


Like Nefertiti (from where this name comes), it means majesty and strength. Women with leadership and self-confidence.

Lucky number: 1

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5- ღ Sibila

This name means "guess, prophetess" comes from Greek mythology. The priestesses of the god Apollo were called sibyls and they were credited with the gift of prophecy. In Greece and Rome this was the name used by women who predicted the future and who announced the will of the gods through their oracles.


Sibila is a loving, intelligent and intuitive woman. She finds her pleasure in pleasing others.
She is affectionate, sensitive and a little melancholic. Usually she gives much importance to past times and she recreates herself thinking about it. She is a faithful friend and a good confidant. Enjoys the company of people and she is a hopeless romantic.

Lucky number: 7

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6- ♚ Tanit

It has a Phoenician origin, and comes from Latin. Tanit was the most important goddess of Carthaginian mythology, she was the goddess of the moon, of love, and of war. Baal's consort and patron saint of Carthage.


She is a person with very strong emotions. Feels love as the most beautiful source of life and gives everything for her loved ones. She does not tolerate ill-treatment and always expresses her opinions.

Lucky number: 28

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7- ✹ Zenda

Of Persian origin. The name Zenda is derived from an ancient Arabic voice that could be interpreted as "feminine, sacred;" however, there are those who suggest that it could come from the Persian whose meaning is "life". This name was made famous by the adventure novel written in 1894 by Anthony Hope; "The prisoner of Zenda". The book tells the story of the king of a fictional country who is kidnapped on the day of his coronation, being replaced by his identical cousin in hopes of preserving peace in the nation. He is taken to the city of Zenda and held in the castle from where he is rescued by his cousin and returned to his throne.


Lover of art in all its expressions, she will probably manage to stand out and earn honors in literature or painting. Independent and determined, she is the enemy of obligations, for this reason she will prefer to look for a profession that allows her to lead a calm and comfortable life. In love as in friendship, she is passionate and impulsive, sometimes possessive and selfish.

Lucky number: 4

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8- ❣ Elora: ❣

Female name of Greek origin. From the Greek "peace" or it could mean "a ray of sunlight, a light that shines."


She has an impatient thinking mind. She expresses herself as a receptive, sensitive and observant thinker in activities that require versatility, novelty and curiosity. She loves love, not for what it gives, but for what it is. She could excel in professions such as salesman, psychologist, researcher, writer, detective, traveler, stockbroker or insurance broker and any profession involving money management.

Lucky number: 32

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9- ✮ Lea

Lea is a name with various meanings, as it is used in different countries, such as Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Finland, Slovenia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Israel. Thus, if we consider that it is the feminine of the name Leonardo, its meaning derived from the Latin would be "she who is fierce as a lion".

However, when we consider that it is one of the variants of Lía, from the Hebrew Leah, its meaning derived from the Hebrew root would be very different, such as "that which is languid and melancholic."


Lea is a name full of energy, positivity and strength, therefore, she usually accompanies women of great character, but at the same time pragmatic. Likewise, those called Lea also enjoy a fun, carefree personality and a big heart. For this reason, they are usually great friends, couples and coworkers, always ready to collaborate and help those they love most.

Lucky number: 9

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10- ⇝ Erin

From the Irish Gaelic Eirinn, variant of Eire, the Gaelic place name that refers to Ireland, although before its meaning was "peace". It is a name for both sexes.


They are generous and tend to be good speakers. They fight for injustices by helping people, with whom they gain trust very quickly. They are very sociable and talkative.

Lucky number: 18

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