Dear you,
a few days ago summer has begun!

Here is some inspiration to get into the summer vibe:

But now... let's make a list!

  • spend time with friends
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because of quarantine and isolation, I had to stay away from them for about 3 months. it's time to get back on track!
  • keep writing my novel
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in summer, without school, i'm going to have much free time to write. i don't want to waste it. maybe i can even try to finish my book project!
  • go to the seaside
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i don't live near the sea, so i only get the chance to see it and swim in it during summer. this year i will go to the seaside in august, can't wait for it!
  • read at least 15 books
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during the past months i didn't have much time to read (also because i've spent it on other stuff...), but in the upcoming months i want to keep up with my reading goals!
  • take a lot of photos (of myself & of the places)
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this summer, as always, i'm going to visit so many amazing places. i want to capture every single moment in gorgeous and aesthetic pictures!
  • grow my editing page on insta
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i'm getting money from collabs thanks to it, so i don't want to neglect it, but to grow more and more!
  • watch at least 30 movies
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i want to watch as many Tarantino movies as i can, because they all are masterpieces!
  • save some money
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i've started earning little money, but i don't want to spend all of it in non sense. i want to save some to invest in experiences instead of buying material things.
  • make pic-nics
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because, why not?

The End


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