Hello! Since my school is reopening (digitally) in a week, I thought that this is the best time to get these thoughts out of my head. This year I will be in my first year of the IBDP, and to say that I'm worried about it would be understatement.

Your advice please!
I'm so sorry that this is such a long read, but if you could please take a look at it, and message me, I'd be grateful. I'm open to absolutely anything - resources, advice, tips, or even comforting words. Without much ado, let's get into it :)

What is the IBDP?
The IBDP is the Diploma Programme for grade eleven and twelve students (high school juniors and seniors) developed by the International Baccalaureate. It is considered one of the more challenging courses for these years as it not only covers a lot of content, but also important skills for university.

Each student must select six courses (you may be able to do more with permission from your school), of which three are at a higher level (HL), and three at a standard level (SL). You must have one course in each of the six groups.These groups are: studies in language and literature (first language), language acquisition (second language), individuals and societies (humanities), sciences, mathematics, and arts. In these courses, you have class assignments and assessments, and are graded on your internal assessments (provided by the school), and a set of external assessments set and graded by the IB towards the end of your second year.

In addition to this, you have a project for theory of knowledge, and another project known as the Extended Essay. You must also meet the Community, Action, Service (CAS) requirements set by the IB.

All in all, there's a lot to do, and having seen my usually organized and high scoring brother struggling to keep up with the IB, I am worried about what is to come.

My courses
I plan on taking Physics HL, Math: Analysis and Approaches HL (the study of calculus and trigonometry is more detailed), Economics HL, Business and Management SL, English: Language and Literature SL, and French B SL.

When it comes to math, while the subject comes to me naturally, I need to work much harder on math than most of my other subjects as I don't learn anything at school. I have a hard time understanding what my teacher says / writes because I can't understand his accent, and read his handwriting. In addition to that, I have a loud, disruptive class, and the teacher moves to new topics quite quickly. He also picks on the students who don't understand what he teaches. So far, he seems to like me because I have good grades, but headed into his class once again, this time for two years, I am afraid the same won't be true anymore.

Since there are only two others in my class, and usually I am the one helping them, I don't know what I'll do when I don't understand a concept. Up until now, I asked my brother, but since he is in his last year at uni, he won't have much time so I don't want to bother him as much...

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In grade ten, I had a 98.4% overall grade (for 9 subjects in total), and I'm beyond pleased. However, considering that I lost that 1.6% in English, I am a bit worried headed into DP. Seeing as English is most definitely not my strongest suit, and that my English teacher last year supposedly grades very leniently, I think my grades might drop. I've never studied English properly, as I have other subjects, so I'm a bit concerned about finding a new study style for the subject that helps me improve, and learn without compromising the time I spend on other subjects, extracurriculars, and my hobbies.

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Extended Essay
Last year I completed the IB MYP Personal Project - a tamed down, introductory version of the extended essay. Whilst I was handling it pretty well at the beginning, the last month, especially the last week, was an absolute mess. To clarify, I was on track, and far ahead of most of my peers, but still managed to pull to all nighters, and failed to meet the first extended deadline (I was about two hours late). I hope it doesn't get to that this time.

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Thank you so much for reading, and please feel free to message me!