inspired by:

[ introduction ]

name : daciana
age : 17 years old
birthday : december 21
zodiac : sagittarius
rank: beta
ethnicy: mexican

[ human appearance ]

fashion, piercing, and earrings image Temporarily removed girl, bracelet, and gold image Image by tenderlygirl

[ werewolf appearance ]

aesthetic, wolf, and theme image animal and wolf image Temporarily removed wolf image

[ personality ]

black, control, and quote image Image removed Elle Fanning, pretty, and quotes image quotes, grunge, and sick image

[ interests ]

nature image summer, nature, and friends image aesthetic, travel, and mountains image book, travel, and reading image
reading, going on trips, walking/living in the forest

[ style ]

outfit, fashion, and style image girl, goth, and style image outfit, fashion, and clothes image girl, fashion, and style image

[ home ]

autumn, cabin, and cabin in the woods image Temporarily removed cabin in the woods, Country House, and flowers image candle, house in the woods, and bed image
lives in the woods

[ friends ]

boy and hair image aesthetic and police image aesthetic, crime, and suspect image dark academia and aesthetic image
elliot; alpha โ†’ the detective that's in charge of her by don't getting in trouble in full moon.
aesthetic, asian, and bangs image aesthetic, coffee, and dessert image home, interior, and minimalist image aesthetic, minimalist, and beige image
hikari; kitsune โ†’ a graphic designer that oftens visit her to take a look if she al right.