Well, this is so public but i'm here just to tell you a few things you need to know >_<

This article is about our friendship and how important it's to me (and i know it's important to you obviously coz i'm the best you ever had...haha jk...unless ??)

You know i'm not the best at writing something like this but im trying my best to make this something sweet or cute ? idk but i'm writing this whole thing in English even i know i suck at it but anyways, here we go:

We met bc a friend of mine that was your boyfriend kdwkdwkd yup we don't wanna talk about it but that was the way we met. whorever is reading this is gonna think im a whore or smtg like that because of what im gonna say now... when you were with him i thought you were so pretty (you're still pretty) and i always thought that he didn't deserve you hehe and after that... some time after that, we talked and started having feelings for each other and u know, we dated. It didn't work out so well but we have good memories together (that i actually appreciate) and we moved on and now, we are friends \(n_n)/

I'm really grateful for all of this, for your love and how you take care of me, i'm happy with you by my side as one of the most important person in my life and as a friend.

Some people think about exes as a bad thing but actually we are fine with that, you're not just an ex, you're a friend before and after that. we've been through sm, we support and help each other, i know that i can count on you as you can always count on me, we'll always have each other < 3

It's your birthday insert es hoy es hoy !! of stuart little and i'm soooo sooooo happy to be there with you coz ur birthday its so important, its the day that the cutest baby grows a little bit more snif snif

Alright, i think im done here, i hope i did it right and it looks pretty or cute or smtg

I FUCKING LOVE YOU .  . • ☆ . ° .•

ps. i tried my best for you, pwease appreciate it T-T