Hey guys!

After 12 weeks of lockdown, I am back to work. I really missed wearing make-up and trying out different styles on my face. I wanted to share make-up trends that I want to try out this year. They are as follows:


beauty, blue eyes, and bronze image

Highlighter makes my skin look glowy even if my skin complexion is not clear/healthy.

Glossy Lips

lips, gloss, and makeup image

I am more of a lipstick girl but I want to make more of an effort to wear glossy lips.

Neutral Eyes

makeup, beauty, and aesthetic image

I want to get back to wearing more neutral colours on my eyelids.

Blue Eye-shadow

Temporarily removed

I want to get back to wearing blue eye-shadow again. It was so fun!

Metallic Lips

braids, brown eyes, and goals image

I want to give my lips, a glossy shine. I love how this adds character to your make-up.

Contour and Pink Lips

beauty, contour, and makeup image

After gaining some weight. I sometimes want to add some dimension to my face every now and then.

I hope you liked some of the trends I picked out for this year.