heyoo cuties...
I've been watching my fav youtuber THE DOLL BEAUTY and she made a video of indian songs and I had fun watching it
I decided to write an article about INDIAN SONGSand next time inshAllah am gonna do another version...

PS:Also I love INDIA!

Let's get started

Which song makes you laugh?

Personnaly I think that the movie is hilarious and those actors are funny and I love em

Which song makes you dance? all of em I mean indian songs are pretty cool and they can move u!

and this one too...

THIS MOVIE IS TOTALLY AMAZING! I love it and ofc my fav actor Shahid Capoor dance really well hahha

Which song makes you cry?

omg Veer Zara ... this movie is one of my favs every time I watch it I cry... the story is painful plus it's real Sharokhan did an awesome job with Preity...

add this one too... The actors the movie the story everything is cool but I the end is so hard to me I didn't want him to die they were meant to be with each other...

Which songs remind you of holidays?

Which song reminds u of ur bestfriend?

My best friend loves Katrina like wow!

Which song u like singing?

Also it makes me dance!

which song makes u happy?

It's a perfect song yeah!

Which song that describe u?

I dunno maybe this one!

Which song u like to be played out loud?

Another Katrina's song

Which song reminds u of someone u love?

it reminds me of my sister she loves this movie I mean who doesn't?

which song ur never tired of listening?

Oh this song is ma lifeee!

Which song makes u wanna fall in love?

It's so emotional!

so I hope u liked it if u want me to write about smgh just hit my dms