[day 21 // June 21, 2020]

"write about your passions"

2009, film, and inglourious basterds image black and white, cinema, and cleo image
analyzing cinematography, discussing theories, film techniques, symbolism, character development, the process of filmmaking and video production
screenwriting and directing
quotes, robin williams, and movie image Temporarily removed
learning about each director's techniques, how to write and read scripts, developing story achs, seeing how script becomes big on screen
asian american activism and identities -- all inclusive
actress, aesthetics, and beautiful image fashion, indian, and rekha image
asian representation in mainstream media, understanding that it's intersectional, standing up for national and international activism, breaking the model minority
sustainable fashion
aesthetic, clothes, and theme image artsy and cute image
thrifting, being conscious fashion citizens and shoppers
writing and making content
typewriter, quotes, and write image college, girl, and study image
weheartit articles, writing news about films, lists, productive writing and reflections, journalling
teaching and mentoring others
aesthetic, laboratory, and science image aesthetic, babydoll, and bambi image
i want to see how my passions can ignite other people through encouraging, coaching, and teaching. i want to be a professor and teach communication, acting, music, history, film
1960s, 60s, and art image book, boss, and homework image
i do improv comedy, play acting, Shakespearean acting, speech training, and theatre in general
designing aesthetics
Image removed art, planet, and black image
collaging, creating logos, collecting images to create a mood board and aesthetic
photo editing and digital art
girl, blue, and grunge image girl, beach, and fashion image
creating surreal edits, manipulating photography through photoshop and apps
morocco image aesthetic image
i love looking at buildings and houses and seeing the style and history and culture behind it. i get inspired by these designs
collecting postcards from memorable places that either me or my friends have been to
aesthetic, beige, and book image adventure, asia, and europe image
i like to keep letters and postcards sent from friends and family because they make good memorabilia and decorations for my room. whenever i go to a touristy place, i also make sure to buy a postcard to remember
learning about spirituality and the self through podcasts and youtubers
illustration, art, and reading image flowers, nature, and green image
i love going on youtube and spotify to look through podcasts to listen to, and i learn so much about spirituality, life & money advice, and how to take care of myself
women in business and creators
girl, style, and fashion image alfresco, chic, and coffee image
i look up to them, as someone who wants to be a career woman and learn how to be brand myself to the world and be inspired by those who could do it
Image removed bts, jin, and rm image
i love them too much, everything about them