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Pretty When You Cry - Lana del Rey

Daddy Issues - The Neighbourhood

Something In The Way - Nirvana

Try Me - The Weeknd

Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding

Summer Wine - Nancy Sinatra, Lee Hazlewood

Hotel California - Eagles

Teen Idle - MARINA

Sad Girl - Lana del Rey

And I Love Her - The Beatles

Creep - Stone Temple Pilots

Like Smoke - Amy Winehouse, Nas

Let My Baby Stay - Mac DeMarco

Love On The Brain - Rihanna

Valerie - Amy Winehouse

Interstate Love Song - Stone Temple Pilots

Brooklyn Baby - Lana del Rey

Slipknot - XXXTENTACION, Kin$oul, Killstation

Beautiful People Beautiful Problems, Lana del Rey, Stevie Nicks

Can't Take My Eyes Of You - Andy Williams

Doll Parts - Hole

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