My Hero Academia / Haikyu!! Universe

Here are the basics on Minatozaki Kazane!

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Kazane, 風音: sound of wind
Gender: Female
Age: 15-16
Class 1-A (replaces mineta (^∀゚)ъ )
Ethnicity: Japanese
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown (when quirk active it's blue)
Currently located in Musutafu, Japan

Hero Name: Sirenade (siren + serenade)
Quirk: Ultra Siren
Singing anything, the target who hears is entranced and immobilized for 10 seconds. Singing certain notes for certain times unlocks different abilities.

Kazane knows her quirk isn't as hero-like as others. She often questions if it is the right path for her, even when she's in class 1-A.
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No doubt about it, she's strong. Whatever she can improve, she always does.

Hometown: Somewhere in the Miyagi Prefecture.
Father: Minatozaki Jomei (41)
Mother: Sawamura Iwa (43)
Siblings: Sawamura Daichi (17), Minatozaki Jiro (10)
Let's just say back when Daichi was born, Jomei was more at risk of his family being targeted because of his pro-hero status. Daichi had to take his mother's surname as a precaution. When Kazane and Jiro were born, they took their father's last name as he was not a pro-hero anymore and not at risk.

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Before moving to Musutafu to go to UA, she and Daichi were very close. Though now 7 hours away, she tries to visit him when she has days off. She often asks about volleyball and is always excited to hear about his two teammates and their quick attacks. ♡。゚.(♡´‿` 人´‿` ♡)゚♡ °・
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currently exploring more storylines for her <3 thanks for reading! (´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`) ♡