Name : Lucrecia Rosier
Nicknames : Lux, Lucky
Age : 16
Birthday : April 18th, 1960
Zodiac : Aries

Blood Status

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Pure Blood, Member of the Sacred Twenty-Eight

Appearance :

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Brown Eyes, Blond Hair, Freckles, Athletic Body


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Kind, Ambitious, Broken, Sarcastic, Kind of a Bitch Sometimes


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Outside of School
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Slug's Christmas Party


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Yew Wood, Phoenix Feather, 10"


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Frisian Stallion


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Great Horned Owl named Rousseau


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Smoke, Leather, Dog fur and Rain


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Playing Quidditch, Playing Guitar, Partying and Painting

Favourite Hogwarts Places

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Slytherin Common Room, Library, Quidditch Pitch, Great Hall

Favourite Spells

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Confundo, Episkey, Orchideous, Protego

Favourite Classes

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Ancient Runes, Potions, Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts

Other Informations

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Member of Slug's Club, Chaser in the Slytherin Quidditch Team, Prefect, Most Popular Girl of her year (and also a Dancing Queen)


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Mr and Mrs Rosier, née Avery, are Lux's parents, she has a difficult relationship with her father, they don't have the same believes but she used to hide it very well until her 17th birthday. Her father was one of the first Death Eaters, he always worshipped Voldemort, even at school. Lucrecia's mother couldn't handle it anymore after Voldemort's rise, Lux and her mom left the Rosier's Manor and she divorced the same year.
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Evan Rosier is Lucrecia's older brother, she used to worship him, until she changed her mind about the whole blood purity thing. Evan was very protective over Lux, but then Voldemort rised and the Rosier sibling felt apart.
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Mr Rosier is Druella Black's, née Rosier, older brother, which makes Lucrecia and Evan, Bellatrix, Andromeda and Narcissa's cousins. Andy and Lux were very close, because they both thought the same thing about blood purity. The Rosier sibling are also Avery's cousin, Evan and Avery were very close, they both became Death Eaters, so did Bellatrix.


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Growing up, Lucrecia used to be friends with Sirius Black, as a matter of fact, they were best friends. They were the same age, evolving in the same social environment, almost of the same family. But like I said, they used to be friends, that was until they started studying at Hogwarts. Lu got sorted in Slytherin and Sirius in Gryffindor, two rivals houses, so he decided that it was better for them to stop being friends. Lu never really moved on from their 'break up', so she acted like she hated him.
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She is really popular, the most popular girl of her year, even if she doesn't have a lot of friends, but she has a really strong bond with her dorm-mates.
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She's also really close with Regulus Black, Lucrecia considers him as her own little brother. The two often hang out in the Slytherin's common room, talking about Sirius or their families. They can rely on each others, at any time of the day or the night
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Against all odds, Lucrecia is friend with Remus Lupin, especially because they are both Prefects. Lu won't admit it but she's jealous of Remus because he's Sirius' best friends, even if she won't admit it, Remus knows.


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Lucrecia had a few dates since her fourth years, but nothing serious. The only boyfriend she ever had was a wizard named Vincent, one summer in New Orleans. She also had a girlfriend that summer, Josephine, the girl was also a witch. In fact, Vincent and Josephine were a couple that liked to have fun, they liked Lu, Lu liked them, so they all ended together during the holidays. Lu never talked about it because people would have find it weird but she liked the way they were together.
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In their sixth years, Lucrecia and Sirius became friends again after Sirius left his parents' house and Lu changed her mind about the blood purity. They started to hang out a lot, they had dates without calling it with the word, but, as anyone expected, they ended up together. They fought a lot but stayed together, even after they graduated from Hogwarts. Lucky and Padfoot were each other's soulmate.


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After she graduated from Hogwarts, Lucrecia moved in Sirius' flat, even tho it was the war, they had a daughter, named Liviana Rosier Black, she looks like her mother but she has the same eye colour than her uncle Regulus. They were both in the Order of Phoenix and both Lu and Sirius fought in the war against Voldemort and both of them make it alive. But then the Potters' died and Sirius was sent to Azkaban, even if Lucky was sure he was innocent. She stayed in Sirius' old flat with their daughter until the day of Lu's death. She was killed by her father when she was only 24, so Liviana was raised by her grandmother in France, somehow an orphan.


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