hello there, you beautiful human being,

i hope that you're safe and healthy as of right now and that you're taking care of yourself properly.
the world is a mess right now and i know that nothing i'll say will change that fact, but if i can at least reach one person out there, that's fine with me.

i am aware that i haven't properly spoken out about the things that are happening in the united states. however, i want you to know, that black lives do matter, every single one does and we need to strive for justice for every single soul taken by the law forces overseas and all around the world. i've personally been signing petitons and educating myself to get as much knowledge on the topic as i possibly can.
i will be continuing to support the black community and it's members, on and off screen (i know that a collection is not enough, but i just wanted a place to state my opinion on seperately than an article) and i want you to know that i am aware about the privilige i have as a white person and i hope i will be using it even more correctly in the future to educate people on the fact that every person is the same and no one should be scared to go on the street in fear of getting their life taken away.

moving on to the main part of the article, my birthday was on the fifth of june and i've seen many of these ... things i've learned at ... articles and i wanted to do one myself. here it is.
better late than never, am i right?


1 | you cannot compare your path with anyone else's
2 | the most important relationship you have in your life is the one with yourself
3 | friendships and relationships are collaborations - they make both parties better
4 | trust is built through actions, not words
5 | once trust is broken, you'll hardly never get it back together

grunge, glass, and broken image grunge, glass, and broken image

6 | procrastination will not save you from anything
7 | life can be over faster than you think - spend time with your loved ones
8 | go after your dreams
9 | if you're not comfortable with something, open your mouth
10 | always say goodbye, you'll never know if it'll be the last time you see them

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11 | never part ways angry at each other
12 | for the love of god, don't care too much about what people think of you
13 | whether you want to admit it or not, everybody needs friends
14 | the world can be cruel
15 | it's never too late to change the path you're walking on

forest and trees image green, nature, and path image

16 | even tho the world seems like it's burning, don't forget to take time for yourself
17 | you don't need to have your life sketched out from start to finish - even tho a tiny bit of outline wouldn't hurt
18 | never chase after people that clearly don't want you in their life/aren't good for you


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finally, i hope that you have had a somewhat decend day at least and i'll write to you in the following days.

- rana