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Hello, guys!

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No need for explanation. I guess you already read the title.
I hope you like it.

1. My aesthetic.

art, aesthetic, and quotes image alternative, brown, and brunette image aesthetic, white, and soft image book and reading image

2. Movie character aesthetic.

vintage image 30s, aesthetic, and burlesque image act, red, and aesthetic image aesthetic, christina aguilera, and film image
Ali Rose, from Burlesque

3. TV show character aesthetic.

baker street and sherlock holmes image music, black and white, and violin image Temporarily removed sherlock, benedict cumberbatch, and bbc image
Sherlock Holmes, from Sherlock

4. Book character aesthetic.

Image removed ship, ocean, and sea image black, mask, and photography image sea, ocean, and grunge image
Captain of The Nocturne, from Vampirates, by Justin Somper

5. Cartoon character aesthetic.

beret, mango, and want image aesthetic, Clueless, and drama queen image Temporarily removed kodocha image
Judy Funnie, from Doug

6. Actor aesthetic.

boat, dreamworks, and pirates image Image removed hollywood, vintage, and wallpaper image aesthetic image
Brad Pitt

7. Actress aesthetic.

background, book, and movie image apple, snow white, and disney image lily collins image lily collins, to the bone, and twitter header image
Lily Collins

8. Female singer aesthetic.

Temporarily removed pink, aesthetic, and grunge image Temporarily removed aesthetic, fade, and faded image
Melanie Martinez

9. Male singer aesthetic.

cigarette, blue, and grunge image alex turner, arctic monkeys, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed alex turner and arctic monkeys image
Alex Turner

10. Band aesthetic.

the neighbourhood, music, and the nbhd image quotes, saint, and sinner image aesthetic, grunge, and daddy issues image the neighbourhood image
The Neighbourhood

That's it guys!
Hope you enjoyed it. Have a good day (or night).