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I'm turning 18 in February, so in a little over 7 months. I've had the idea of making this list for a while but only now did I finish putting it together. I believe it is doable in this period of time. These are a few things I've either wanted to do for a while or things that I've recently got the will to do.

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18 things I want to do before 18

1. Start getting my license

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In my country you can only start having classes after you turn 17 and a half, and can only actually get your license after 18

2. Go out for a whole day by myself

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Everytime I go somewhere it is always with someone else. I'd love to go out a whole day, or even just an afternoon, and enjoy my own company. Maybe go to the cinema, a coffee shop, hang out at the mall, there's many possibilities

3. Stick to a workout plan

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My goal isn't to become any fitness icon, just to exercise often to improve my health

4. Find a new hobby, or revive the passion for an old one

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I don't really have any interesting hobbies at the moment so I'm planning on actually getting one, or more who knows

5. Work hard to achieve self confidence

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I believe this one is self explanatory, I'm not a super confident person and I'd really love to be more sure and appreciative of myself

6. Volunteer

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I really don't have a specific place in mind but I'd love to volunteer at an animal shelter

7. Lower my meat and dairy intake

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The meat isn't very difficult because I don't really like meat except for chicken, but the dairy is a bit more tricky as I love cheese and yogurt, even though I don't like or use milk

8. Develop skills in a new sport

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I have recently started rollerskating so I believe this one is the one goal I'm working on the most at the time. I'd also love to learn how to skate and surf

9. Work on my long due book

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I've had this idea for a book since I was 11 and I've written a raw draft that isn't any good. I keep saying I'll work on it but I'm pushing myself this time

10. Do a social media detox

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I'm the first to admit I'm addicted to Twitter and TikTok. When I'm bored I just reach for my phone and scroll for hours. This causes such a lack of productivity, I really want to improve this

11. Get another piercing

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I'd love to get a septum piercing but because I have allergies I'm not sure if that would be the best for me. I also like industrial piercings and I already have the "bottom one" pierced so it's already half way done

12. Do zero waste swaps

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Some swaps I have already done, such as stopping using plastic water bottles, I only drink tap water so using reusable bottles is easier. The changes that are higher on my list include using reusable cotton pads (I use too many of the disposable ones) and switch to shampoo bars, I have already switched to the body wash ones

13. Finish my painting project

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I started a paiting over 6 months ago and it's no closer to being done than it was 4 months ago

14. Have a no technology day

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This one is the more intense version of the social media detox. On this day I wouldn't use my phone, tablet, computer, tv, playstation, etc. Just books, baking, sport and for music I could only listen to records. It'd be a fun experience

15. Have a photoshoot with a disposable camera

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It's a very basic thing but I think the pictures look amazing

16. Learn the basics of sign language

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I'd like to learn at least the portuguese version, as it is the language of my country. I think it is important for us to make an effort to communicate better, I want to be able to talk to anyone

17. Mentor someone younger than me

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I've been thinking of doing this for a few years now. I'm going to be a senior soon so it'd be easy to help someone in elementary or middle school, I want kids to do better at school and get a passion for learning

18. Make a lot of memories

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As I'm going to turn 18 in the middle of my senior year, I'll still be able to do this after my birthday. I want to make a lot of memories with my highschool friends, as I might not have contact with them after we go to university

I hope I get to do all of these things, I'll definetely try hard to do them. After my birthday I'll write an article to talk about how it was to achieve all these things.

Thank you so much for reading, maybe you'll get inspired to also do a little list for yourself!

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