Hello lovelies, Sofie here!
Today I am back with a 'new' article, as it is new, however it is an old one revisited.
So, on August 5th 2019 I wrote this article:

& I thought it would be a lot of fun to revisit the tag again, in reality I could do it after a year, but I thought it would be funnier to do it now.
& as I graduated yesterday, I finally have the time to relax & do my own thing! I'm honestly so happy & that means you guys can look forward to tons of new articles! <3

But without further ado, let's get started;


chanel, fashion, and style image fashion, outfit, and girl image fashion, style, and outfit image Temporarily removed body, denim, and girl image fashion, dress, and girl image

A colour:

pink, sky, and clouds image aesthetic, eyes, and makeup image Image removed heaven, aesthetic, and quotes image

An animal:

dog, animal, and cute image dog, animal, and puppy image


food, girl, and model image couple, neels visser, and cindy kimberly image


girl, model, and golden hour image 35mm, analog, and beach image hahha, 🙃, and nichts bei dir image meme, mood, and reaction image
My friends, bettering & improving myself, spreading love, talking with my mom, family, school/education


quotes, fear, and alternative image alexa demie and euphoria image aesthetic, beautiful, and black image Image removed aesthetic, art, and black image chic, classy, and fashion image Image by izabela angel, cyber, and dead image

Dreams & goals:

love image aesthetic, theme, and background image baby, dad, and family image rings, diamond, and jewelry image


Prada, book, and chanel image book, flowers, and aesthetic image bibliophile, book, and bookish image fashion, book, and dior image


Clueless, 90s, and alicia silverstone image series, peaky blinders, and cillian murphy image


celebrity and madison beer image maggie lindemann, Maggie, and rp image the weeknd, xo, and abel image


quotes, love, and heart image Inspiring Image on We Heart It progress, quotes, and motivation image aesthetic, grunge, and lighter image quotes, words, and aesthetic image Image removed aesthetic, grunge, and indie image aesthetic, black, and quotes image


drawing and fish image flowers, art, and rose image Image by Asiyo Abdulkafar art, eyes, and painting image

That was it for now! I'll se you guys soon <3

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aesthetic, angel, and makeup image
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