-*Dramatic music playing in the background*-
-Hello! In this article, Racism and the memory of George Floyd will be spoken.-
As most of us know... A man named George Floyd, a 46 year old black man was murdered on May 25th 2020 by a White police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Don't we all know Martin Luther King Jr.... Yea! The one and only, Black lives hero. All Martin ever wanted was for racism to end. Well....... That thought ended up going to waste. Since May 25th and up to this day (June 19th) People have been protesting in many large cities. Police departments have been burnt down, Police officers have been threatened and robbed. But little do some protesters know, Some police officers are nicer and show respect for black lives. Many celebreties such as Charli D'amelio, Dixie D'amelio, Chase Hudson,Addison Rae, Ariana Grande and other singers and tiktok stars have been SPEAKING UP on instagram,twitter, and Tiktok. What do you guys think about this? Could people be going to far? Let me know in the comments!!! Bye Guys!!~