Hello! Today this article is about if I owned a company !

Inspired by


— RNW Entertainment

RNW Ent. stands for Real and New World Entertainment. in RNW they like to train their idols to show their full potential and train them for situations that may happen when they become an idol. They encourage their idols to do their best and are willing to give their trainees/idols a short to medium length break if they aren't feeling too well ( I.e mental health, physical health, etc. ). their official logo is an Asia-Australia globe (🌏)


aesthetic, background, and building image asia, cafe, and cherry blossom image theme, background, and aesthetic image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

RNW Ent. only has two buildings in Korea. One is located in Seoul and the other in Busan. The one in seoul is 7 stories and the one in Busan is 6. The Seoul building outside is mainly white color based where the Busan building is black color based.
each building either has the globe on the front or the side of the building.


Image by アニ black, green, and korean image

First Floor

- entrence, reception, café, sitting area, & merch shop

corporate office design, reception interior design, and reception desk design image Temporarily removed art, aesthetic, and beige image Temporarily removed

second & floors
— offices

alternative, art, and nature image decor, home office, and interior image decor, home office, and interior image home image

Third Floor
— Practice Rooms

classroom, dance, and glass image aesthetic, ballet, and dance image studio image ballet, aesthetic, and white image

Fourth Floor
— Training Rooms ( for learning languages, lines, and learning about events that could happen in the future, etc. )

Image by CgdMrzgL aesthetic, chic, and decor image

Fifth Floor
— Cafeteria ( on first floor in Busan building )

rona keller image afternoon, drinks, and green tea image

Sixth Floor
— Recording Studios

recording studio image recording studio, music mixing, and audio engineering image recording studios tucson, audio restoration tucson, and radio ready cd tucson image music and recording studio image

Seventh Floor
— Gym

gym image apartment, design, and gym image apartment, luxury, and house image bench, locker, and black image

Idols I would want to higher for my company

kpop, twice, and nayeon image kpop, momo, and twice image
nayeon & momo - twice
Image removed Chan, han, and changbin image
icon, preview, and lq image taeyong, lee taeyong, and nct image
jisung & taeyong - nct
hyunjin, hwang hyunjin, and stray kids image felix, stray kids, and kpop image
hyunjin & felix - skz
kpop, yg princess, and kim jennie image blackpink, jisoo, and how you like that image girl, icons, and teaser image girl, icons, and teaser image
all of blackpink because YG sucks :)
elkie, seungyeon, and yeeun image lq, yeeun, and clc image
eunbin & yeeun - clc
details, gg, and girl image kpop, cosmic girls, and wjsn image
bona & luda - wjsn

these are random people I created, if they have the same name as an idol that's just by accident sdtyuiokjh


ahn jinyoung

lee bora

na hanseul

na yuri

arin kim

Temporarily removed


Shin Chorong

Park Taehee

Yoon Haren

Jung Chanmi

Hyerim Chang

Park Junho

Oh Eunmin

Temporarily removed


Choi Jinny

Jang Hyunsuk

Jung Minju

Bae Jungwoo

Temporarily removed


thank you for reading ! I could have totally done this better but eh, who really cares. Bye :) !

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