90s, cinema, and cinematography image ghost, love, and Demi Moore image
Ghost: Unchained melody - The righteous brothers
a lot like love image love, couple, and ashton kutcher image
A lot like love: Brigher that sunshine - Aqualung // Look what you've done - Jet
pulp fiction, music, and song image pulp fiction, movie, and uma thurman image
Pulp fiction: You never can tell - Chuck Berry // Girl, you'll be a woman soon - Urge Overkill
quotes, logan lerman, and sad image Image removed
The perks of being a wallflower: Asleep - The Smiths // Heroes - David Bowie
Image by ✿.。.:* ☆:**:. 𝒫𝒶𝓉𝓇𝒾 .:**:.☆*.:。.✿ sharontate, quentintarantino, and margotrobbie image
Once upon a time in Hollywood: Out of time - Rolling Stone
500 Days of Summer, zooey deschanel, and couple image 500 Days of Summer, couple, and zooey deschanel image
500 days of Summer: Sweet disposition - The temper trap // Quelqu'un m'a dit - Carla Bruni
closer, natalie portman, and movie image Temporarily removed
Closer: The blower's daughter - Demian Rice
julia roberts, hugh grant, and Notting Hill image julia roberts and Notting Hill image
Notting Hill: She - Elvis Costello
lindsay lohan, the parent trap, and movie image Image removed
The parent trap: Here comes the sun - The Beatles // There she goes - The La's
film, lewis pullman, and movie image horror, strangers, and movie image
The Strangers: pray at night: Total Eeclipse of the heart - Bonnie Tyler // Making love out of nothing at all - Air Supply
10 things i hate about you, heath ledger, and couple image 10 things i hate about you, heath ledger, and couple image
10 things I hate about you: Cruel to be kind - Nick Lowe // I want you to want - Cheap Trick