Hola, sweetie pies!

Hello 2 articles in 2 days in a ROW?! yes I'm back

gif, 99, and brooklyn 99 image
and probably I will get lost again because college and the pandemic.

I'm pretty sure I did something like this in the past but here we are again...
Also this shows the amazing diversity that exist in this app and another thing, I'm seeing lot of new people in WHI doing presentations and stuff and i just want to say Welcome (insert this word in every lenguage) we love you (rainbow heart).

I got inspired by this articles:

Let's do this!

N a t i o n a l i t y

autumn, chile, and mountains image awesome, beautiful, and naturaleza image astronomia, chile, and estrellas image aerial photography, aerial view, and beige image
I'm from Chile, really pretty place

E t h n i c i ty

chile, 2019, and mapuche image chile, revolucion, and 2019 image chile, revolucion, and 2019 image buildings, chile, and city image
I'm chilean, my parents are chilean but you know colonization happen in America and probably I am a mix of things, I know I have spanish, french and native roots but I'm a latin chilean girl.

Z o d i a c S i g n

green, aesthetic, and tea image Sagittarius, zodiac, and astrology image Sagittarius, sign, and astrology image aesthetic, nature, and boat image
I'm a sagittarius baby with a capricorn moon.

C o l o r

flower, nature, and red image book, girl, and red image aesthetics, fashion, and fruit image love image
I like all colors but if I have to pick one is red.

H a i r & E y e s

fashion, aesthetic, and clothes image Image by ❤ ♡Amøre MíØ♡❤️ eyes, eye, and makeup image cloud, hair, and indie image
I have dark brown wavy hair and brown eyes.

S t y l e

outfit image fashion, 80s, and vintage image Temporarily removed clothes, outfit, and style image

P e r s o n a l i t y

meme, memes, and mood image aesthetic, ravenclaw, and tea image Image by Mun Mun quotes, wtf, and funny image
Yeah I don't want to explain why I'm ike that...

H o b b i e s & P a s s i o n s

gif, brooklyn nine nine, and amy santiago image
book, vintage, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed coffee, vintage, and book image Temporarily removed
I like to read, watch movies and series, photography, write shit on the internet and eat.

D r e a m s

travel, aesthetic, and theme image paris, france, and eiffel tower image Image by 🅔🅛🅔🅝🅐.🅝 travel, green, and nature image
One of my biggest dreams is travel around the world

I hope you liked this, you can read my other articles

Love, Val