Hey guys!

Maintaining braids in this day and age can be a challenge.Since here it's winter I prefer braiding my hair. I do my hair three times a year because I care so much about my Afro that I fear that if I stay long with my braids on,it will start pulling on my hair.

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So these are the things that I do to maintain my braids:

1. Wash my braids
I wash it two times or three times a week. This helps to make the scalp fresh and clean and free of dandruff.

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2. Moisturize the scalp
This helps to moisturize your scalp and let your hair grow and feel relaxed.

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that's all!
3. Wear a scarf
Wearing a scarf when sleeping can help to make your hair grow and not make the extension look dull

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4. spray your extension
This way your extensions can feel new and not look worn out.

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