It had begun as a whisper, heard by the crowds in Eastern France. People had gathered outside their homes, parents asked their children to hurry inside, the grounds were empty, as were the parks. The government had issued a warning of some sort. Everyone had heard the sirens. Many people were capable of sensing or even smelling what was to come. There was a different aroma in the air, of cold and fresh water hitting the warm soil. All felt the small and periodic gusts of cool breeze through the streets.

This was just the beginning, after that was the real occurrence. Large and anvil like heavy clouds moved across the sky, changing the pallet of colors from bluish golden to charcoal grey. The clouds dragged across the horizon, towards the golden disc of the gleaming Sun, blocking it out completely. We saw streaks of blinding white lightning which illuminated the entire sky, followed by the loud clap of thunder. It felt as if Zeus or Thor had taken up residence just above Europe. After that, began the rain, the rain that after 30 years, would be all that we know.

"Hello! Earth to Uzair!", Rabia called out to him. He paid no attention, all he heard was the pitter-patter of the rain, and the sound of his own voice inside his head, revisiting everything that had conspired that evening.

"You know, I get the feeling that you're starting to ignore me", she said while tapping him on the shoulder.

"Oh, apologies. I had alot on my mind", he said, holding his head, clearly worried about something.

"Yeah well, I just thought that maybe I shouldn't have invited you over last night.", she was trying to be coy.

"Oh that's not it. Besides, I'm sure you enjoyed that visit much more than I did." She raised her eyebrows and began to blush. Uzair finally started to regain his composure a little.

"Well I hope it'll happen again.", said Rabia quite giddily.

"As do I".

"Hey when do you think this rain's gonna end?", she asked while opening her door.

"Maybe tomorrow", he joked while doing the same. They both entered their apartments and closed the doors behind them.

This had become an inside joke for them. They knew the rain was never gonna end, and yet, she always asked when it would, and he would always answer the same. This was funny to them, not to the large corporations invested in the rain. Let me rewind a bit.

29 years ago, when people realized that the rain was never going to stop, they had accepted it as a permanent part of their lives. Some companies began to earn alot more than others. Quite a few industries simple collapsed, sunglasses, solar power, the agricultural sector of the world took the biggest hit. The UNO passed a relief program, collecting farm animals of each province of every country into the capital of the province, large warehouses with UV light 24/7, to provide for the crops and the farm animals. The constant rain itself became a source of electrical energy. Large plastic clothing became normal, waterproof leather boots, waterproof watches, phones,wallets. Paper currency was abolished, replaced with coins and laminated cards. Some companies developed the new electrical system, some developed the new clothes, the new shoes, the new vehicles.

Yet, one of these corporations passed the barrier to another dimension of success, RealUs. They advertised to the world, a method to see the world as it once was. They used virtual reality to show people what the world was like before the rain. How strong the Sun shone. what summer was like, how beautiful the rainbow looked, how fresh and fragrant the grass and flowers were, how warm the days were, how light felt on the skin, and how many colors there were before everything just started to look pale, under the shadow of constant clouds. It was like being in Heaven.

However, something that is not real, has no value, and Uzair had never once used RealUs. Though he was born on the same day the rain started, he had never seen the Sun, never known the light from our own Primary. Yet, he thought it would be better if he not know what it was like. Better not to know what life would be like, it bring forth regret, nothing else.