army, once quarantine ends lets all get together and cry, okay?

โ€ฃ Spring Day (yes, she is number one. are we surprised?)

โ€ฃ We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal

โ€ฃ Sweet Night - V

โ€ฃ 00:00 (Zero O'Clock)

โ€ฃ Blue Side (Outro) - J Hope

โ€ฃ Mikrokosmos

โ€ฃ Heartbeat

โ€ฃ Winter Flower - Younha ft RM

โ€ฃ Butterfly

โ€ฃ Uhgood - RM

โ€ฃ Awake

โ€ฃ Epiphany

โ€ฃ Autumn Leaves

โ€ฃ Let Go (this one hurts)

โ€ฃ Don't Leave Me

โ€ฃ Epilogue: Young Forever

โ€ฃ 2! 3! (ouch)

โ€ฃ Moving On

โ€ฃ The Truth Untold

โ€ฃ Magic Shop

โ€ฃ Tokyo - RM

โ€ฃ Forever Rain - RM

โ€ฃ A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone

โ€ฃ First Love - BTS

โ€ฃ So Far Away - Agust D ft Suran (although i prefer the version with jin, yoons, & kook)

โ€ฃ Let Me Know

โ€ฃ Suga's Interlude - Halsey ft Suga

โ€ฃ Love Is Not Over

โ€ฃ Whalien 52

โ€ฃ Tomorrow

โ€ฃ Butterfly (prologue mix)

โ€ฃ Serendipity

โ€ฃ Who - Lauv ft BTS

โ€ฃ People - Agust D (this one makes me cry but in a good way, ya know?)

โ€ฃ Dear My Friend - Agust D ft Kim Jong Wan

โ€ฃ Crystal Snow (this one is not talked about enough)

โ€ฃ Born Singer (grab some tissues and an inhaler if you have asthma cause this one will get you GOING)

โ€ฃ Lights

โ€ฃ Coffee

โ€ฃ Winter Bear - V

โ€ฃ Just One Day (incredibly slept on)

โ€ฃ Answer: Love Myself

โ€ฃ Scenery - V

โ€ฃ Black Swan (Orchestral Version)

โ€ฃ Fools - Jungkook & RM cover

โ€ฃ 4' O Clock - V & RM

โ€ฃ Someone Like You - V cover

โ€ฃ Sea (this one makes my heart clench)

โ€ฃ 2U - Jungkook cover

โ€ฃ Nothing Like Us - Jungkook cover

โ€ฃ Paper Hearts - Jungkook cover

โ€ฃ Tonight - Jin

โ€ฃ Ending Scene - Jungkook cover

โ€ฃ Decalcomania - Jungkook (release the mixtape)

loving bts hours: OPEN

missing bts hours: OPEN

sobbing hours: OPEN

bogo (and i cant stress this enough) shipda.

if you miss bts too and you're looking for someone to cry with, dm me. lets talk about it. i need more army friends ):