So I started a "diet" and I found it interesting to share my beginning here!

(I’ll first talk about what I’ve been doing in the last few days and then give the tips and tricks that I selected after hours of watching video on weight loss)

"Small" Disclaimer before you start (lmaoo I thought too much I was making a video): Weight loss is only necessary when your weight is difficult, for example being overweight, obesity, etc/ That when it can affect your health ok?

I’m talking about my LIFE
So, as far as I’m concerned I’m a girl, I’m 15 (and 16 in 2 months), I’m 5'9 , and (get ready) 78kg just last week, when I was little (haha storytime) I was normal like I wasn’t fat or thin (I like grvvv not these terms it sounds too pejorative), well and it’s in 4th I suddenly gained 15 kilos in a few months, the cause?... not found! And well for 3 years I stagnate...

And so in recent weeks I started watching videos where people talk about weight loss, blah, blah, TMTC...
And (AMAZING) I decided to lose weight!
You should know that I don’t hate sports... I hate it!
But I still got the motivation to do sports, guys!
So I started last week doing 6 to 10km of treadmill every day

Even if you take hours and even all day to do sports and take breaks do it because I guarantee you that in 1 week I lost 6 pounds while eating no matter how!
I really advise all those who want to get into the sport to start with breaks even if you need to take long breaks, in the end you will find what you have done incredible and you will be motivated to do it again the other days! (This is a vicious circle of sport)

Well I just lazy to write down tips so I made you a playlist on youtube with the "best" video according to "me".
Add these exercises to your sessions and it will be perfect!

And follow me here too I will keep you informed of my failure
Ah and of course it’s not me on the cover.