I wanted my first article for the Elements Club to be more light-hearted and fun since on of my upcoming articles is going to be much heavier. In the meantime, you can find out ACOTAR Fae Court you would be in by keeping track of the letters that correspond to your answers. And be honest. I see you. I know everyone wants the Night Court and probably not the Spring Court but this quiz is purely about the courts, not the people.

If you like this quiz, stay tuned for more from me on this page.

✧ Pick A Dress ✧
dress, fashion, and green image sweet 16, elegant prom dresses, and navy blue prom dress image
A: Green | B: Blue
dress, red, and fashion image dress, fashion, and style image
C: Red | D: Silver
Image by Darya dress, long, and gold image
E: Pink | F: Gold
Image by ♥♥♥ dress, fashion, and purple image
G: Black | H: Purple
✧ Pick An Activity ✧
garden, fruit, and cottage image emily skinner and lilia buckingham image
A: Gardening | B: Roller-skating
autumn, autumnal, and cozy image book, coffee, and reading image
C: Baking | D: Reading
journal, stationery, and weekly spread image Image by tanya
E: Bullet Journaling | F: Hiking
aesthetic, music, and art image aesthetic, vintage, and art image
G: Listening to Music | H: Painting
✧ Pick An Animal ✧
animal, centre parc, and holiday image dolphin, animal, and bubbles image
A: Squirrel | B: Dolphin
fox, animal, and nature image animal, deer, and forest image
C: Red Fox | D: Deer
aesthetic, king, and random image fireflies, light, and hand image
E: Lion | F: Firefly
raven, bird, and black image owl, animal, and bird image
G: Raven | H: Owl
✧ Pick A Tarot Card ✧
aesthetic and red image god, sun, and aesthetic image
A: The Empress | B: The Sun
gold, hand, and aesthetic image dress, fashion, and gold image
C: The Hierophant | D: The High Priestess
kiss, lips, and couple image eyes and nails image
E: The Lovers | F: The Chariot
jewelry and silver image beauty, celebrities, and style image
G: The Moon | H: The Star
✧ Pick A First Date ✧
food, aesthetic, and picnic image vintage, grunge, and hipster image
A: Going Picnicking | B: Going To A Amusement Park
apples, autumn, and leaves image couple, ice skating, and grey image
C: Going Apple Picking | D: Going To A Skating Rink
art, girl, and aesthetic image couple, bike, and love image
E: Going To A Museum/Art Gallery | F: Go On A Scenic Bike Ride
aesthetic, bright, and club image car, vintage, and aesthetic image
G: Going To A Nightclub | H: Going To A Drive-in Movie
✧ Pick An Disney Heroine ✧
hair image ocean, sea, and summer image
A: Giselle | B: Lilo
celtic, medieval, and pagan image dress image
C: Merida | D: Belle
sun, aesthetic, and gold image blog, inspiration, and clothing image
E: Rapunzel | F: Jasmine
wings, fairy, and gold image Image by Moved. Check Bio. ❤️
G: Tinkerbell | H: Megara
✧ Pick A Greek God ✧
wheat field image Image by Monique ☽
A: Demeter | B: Poseidon
Inspiring Image on We Heart It arrows and archery image
C: Hestia | D: Artemis
aesthetics image gold, aesthetic, and glitter image
E: Aphrodite | F: Apollo
grapes, photography, and fruit image red, love, and pomgrade image
G: Dionysus | H: Persephone
✧ Pick A Crown ✧
crown, beauty, and diamond image beauty, colours, and crown image
A: Left | B: Right
Queen image Image by iwasalilac_sky
C: Left | D: Right
crown image crown, gold, and Queen image
E: Left | F: Right
crown, Queen, and blue image crown, diamond, and stars image
G: Left | H: Right


Mostly A's

➵ Spring Court
architecture, house, and old house image flowers, garden, and nature image feet image flowers, garden, and roses image

Mostly B's

➵ Summer Court
travel, italy, and sea image beach, ocean, and sea image pearl, sea, and ocean image water, aesthetic, and boy image

Mostly C's

➵ Autumn Court
candle, autumn, and fall image eyes, inspo, and makeup image Image by larksings castle, autumn, and leaves image

Mostly D's

➵ Winter Court
mountains, snow, and white image snow, winter, and deer image dress, Valentino, and 2014 image castle, snow, and winter image

Mostly E's

➵ Dawn Court
diamond, crystal, and details image animals, ocean, and beige image sky image glitter, makeup, and eyes image

Mostly F's

➵ Day Court
eyes, eye, and brown image aesthetic and blonde image mountains, nature, and sun image snake, ring, and jewelry image

Mostly G's

➵ Night Court (Court of Nightmares)
dark, architecture, and castle image neck image blood and vampire image Image by — k a n y a

Mostly H's

➵ Night Court (Court of Dreams)
dark, mountain, and aesthetic image dress and aesthetic image gold, moon, and ring image stars, sky, and night image
This article was written by @out_for_a_walk_b7tch for the Elements Club
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