What song makes you feel better?

1d, Harry Styles, and watermelon sugar image Harry Styles, watermelon sugar, and boy image
watermelon sugar by Harry Styles

What color brings you peace?

pink, pastel, and Houses image pastel, candle, and aesthetic image aesthetic, pastel, and theme image aesthetic, colors, and inspiration image
pastel colors

what's your ideal date?

beach, wine, and sunset image beach, fruit, and aesthetic image
probably a picnic on the beach before sunset :)

what's your comfort food?

food, burger, and fries image food, burger, and fries image
anything from mcdonalds

what's your favorite piece of clothing?

button up shirt, face mask, and short dark hair image Image removed plaid, pastel, and purple image skirt, aesthetic, and pastel image
botton up shirts or plaid skirts also they look really cute together

what's your favorite piece of jewelry?

Image by where'd u go Image by casey <3

favorite time of the day?

cities, japan, and night image Image by ♡´・ᴗ・`♡ night, aesthetic, and city image adventure, Late, and lights image

favorite season?

Image removed Abusive image Image by izabela tree, aesthetic, and girl image

what calms you down?

Image removed peach, aesthetic, and peachy image clouds, sky, and view image dogs image
music,my dog,stargazing,shower,rain

do you still love stuffed animals?

bunny, california, and duck image Temporarily removed Image removed yellow, aesthetic, and soft image
YUUP, they are so cute

favorite shows to watch?

monty image The Originals and klaus mikaelson image friends, life, and quotes image blair waldorf, gossip girl, and quotes image
the 100, the originals, friends, gossip girl, the vampire diaries..

Thank you for reading!
Have a wonderful day!!♥