My first year of college it's almost over and i couldn't be more excited. I learned a lot this past year that i think will help you, sorry if i haven't been that active but trust me college it's stress over stress anyway i really hope this article helps you.

The food

You need to learn how to eat, i know it sounds weird but let me explain. You will most likely get sick if you are not used to the food that the university cafeteria serves or even the food you buy on the street.
When deciding what to eat please don't choose trash food, yes this is way easier than making your own meals but at the end you need to take care of your health, i'm not saying you shouldn't eat burguers or pizza of course you can but in a moderate way.
I'm sure you heard about the freshman 15 but don't worry about it, yes you may gain weight or lose it but it's normal, everyone goes trought it so just enjoy your new life and of course be careful with what youre eating.

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Snacks and Water

Carry snacks with you at all times, since probably you are going to spent a lot of time in the university you will get hungry, and therefore grumpy or weak so eat your snack. Also, carry a reusable water bottle so you can keep yourself hydrated and you take care of the planet at the same time :)
It can be fruit, bars, trail mix, anything that can be considered a snack. Now if you want to carry a lunch with you do it, i did that my first semester since my first class was at seven a.m and my last at five p.m, i didn't want to spent all my money in junk food so i carry my lunch and no one tells you a thing because no one cares anymore.

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Peer Pressure

This doesn't only happens in high school it can also be happening in college. If you are being pressured into doing something (alcohol, smoking, drugs, sex, anything) and don't want to please be firm with your decision. Don't worry about loosing friends or whatever NO ONE should force you to do it..

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Extra Chargers

Probably one of the most necessary things: a charger.
Your laptop charger and also your phone’s, you might not know what might come up that will force you to be out working for long periods of time.
Story time: One time i was going trought a problem and had to comunicate with my parents constantly but i didn't have my charger with me and my phone batery was about to die. Therefore always carry yours.

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For goodness’ sake, DO YOUR LAUNDRY once a week if you don't want to smell really bad later. I know it can be the least favorite thing but it will be worth it at the end.

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That's it for the article, i will be doing part two asap i still have one last exam so i'm studying really hard. I don't know how many parts there will be since i have a lot to say.
Anyway bye :))

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