Hey there,

This is the third part of my glow up Journey. I hope you are using this time to glow up and become the best version of yourselves.

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29th of May

Today´s mood was a little strange and “bipolar” as I Woke up really motivated but after going for a walk I felt like doing nothing. I felt so lazy I didn´t even wanted to work out. At the end I forced myself to exercise.

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In spite of my laziness I studied for an hour. I´ve finished college but I think that we should keep on learning. Don´t misunderstand me. I don´t mean spending the whole summer studying subjects that you´ll have next year (or something similar). However, humans are curious by nature. So, we should be motivated to learn about things that we like.

"Once you stop learning, you start dying"- Albert Einstein

I´m going to chose some topics that seem interesting and I´ll watch documentaries about them. In addition, I pretend to learn a new language (I love travelling and I think that being able to speak different languages is amazing!). For this I´ll use Duolingo. This free app is an easy way to learn vocabulary.

Another good option is to invest time in developing your skills. For example, I love baking. So, I´m going to bake more and watch more videos of recipes. This way I´ll have fun while soaking up knowledge.

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People who learn a new skill are less likely to develop dementia
Personal growth and confidence. Becoming more skilled in something can increase our self-confidence in both our personal and professional lives.
Get to know yourself. You´ll learn more about your interests. You can also find a new hobby.

31st of May

Today I feel really upset and disappointed. My period just arrived, so I feel moody, unmotivated and improductive (I worked out though) and I ate too much (like seriously). Today I´m craving chocolate (I hope I´m not the only one who needs chocolate during this time). I think that if you are craving you shouldn´t try to ignore it, as it can be worse. Instead, eat just small portions. Another option is to have healthier snacks.

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Now I have a lot of acne due to my period. I´m using some face masks and I´m gonna buy the Xioami Inface.I´ll try it for a week or two and I´ll tell you about it.

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Using Cleansing brushes is much better for our skin, as it offers a deeper cleanse than just using our fingers.

I also have menstrual cramps. In order to reduce the pain I tend to use hot water bottles. I really advice you to use them if you have never, because it´s super relaxing and effective. Moreover, I usually drink chamomile tea during this time.

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Chamomile tea possesses anti-spasmodic properties, which can relieve the painful cramps associated with the menstrual periods.

Well,this is all. I know it was a bit long and negative. But, I want to be as real and honest as possible. So, yeah, I want to share the bad moments of this journey with you, not only the cool ones.

Have a nice day, Kisses

Uniquellaprincess 😊