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The Black Lives Matter movement has been going on for a while but as a black person living in America, racism isn't anything new to me. It's a big apart of history that has and continues to shape my people's lifestyle, culture, and way of thinking.

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If you disagree that black lives matter and that it should be all lives matter; please...stop being ignorant of struggles that black people go through. I am not begging you but simply asking. I won't ever beg anyone, who is a human being, to simply be a human...and care for another person's life.

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The struggles that black people go through are beyond just police brutality but that is where our lives are directly in danger. Capitalism and many other things that our government uses to run this country, even something simple like buying a house, is going against the minority and for the majority.

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Now that there is no excuse to not know the system is broken, WE MUST FIX IT. The Federal Appeal Board in the government is a system that is failing as we breathe. This is just one of the places in the government that has failed the American people, and that goes beyond black and white people, but also the people who own this land(Native Americans) and seek safety here(Hispanics & Latinos).

I applaud companies like CBS for educating the public on many meaningful events. Thanks to them, the general public has no excuse for saying that they don't know. Ignoring racism is the same as being racist. We are all connected no matter how much the system tries to separate us.
If you want to learn more just google....and keep googling. When googling who invented the lightbulb many white men come up. However, when you google who was the 'black man' that invented the lightbulb Lewis Howard Latimer comes up and you learn that he invented a long-lasting lightbulb... Why would you mention a short-lasting lightbulb w/o mentioning the long-lasting bulb that we all use???

We shouldn't have to add 'black' to get the truth!
The normal way would be that these men invented the first lightbulbs yet this man invented a long-lasting one.
If something as simple as a lightbulb is separated by color then imagine all the other things that are.

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