To you, love means making du’a and having them answered instantly. Love is to see results that brings you warmth. So you eagerly sit on your prayer mat, asking for specific things, expecting specific results. But when you do not hear back from Allah, you take a step back and let go of your love. Because how can it be that a Lord so Loving and Merciful can withhold from you what your heart truly desires? How can it be that you are put through so much pain, hoping for relief, yet returning empty handed?

But what if love was not that? What if love is in the delays? What if love is in our hands being emptied of what we want in order to be be given what we most need?

It may not make sense to you right now and you may not be able to see what Allah is protecting you from but know that He loves you. I promise you He does. You might struggle to see it that way at times, but that’s because of the perspective you have chosen to perceive Him from.

All you see is what is broken in front of you. But look beyond what that and know that no one can love you as much as the One who created you. And no one can know you better than the One from whom even our inner most thoughts cannot be hidden. You are loved by Allah, so so loved by Allah. Just as how a mother would protect her child from the slightest harm, remember that Allah is more Merciful than a mother. Pour your heart out to Allah by way of du’a, Allah will surely open doors for you from means you never expected. He would never allow your deeds, effort and your du’as to ever be lost or wasted.