Hi Lovelies,
Hope this article finds you all happy and healthy! Today I’m coming back with a Bucket List about the new season that will start in a few days: Summer! I hope this Bucket List doesn’t come too late so you can find time to plan for the ideas you’ll find in here. Let’s go!

My Summer Collection

1 Go to the Beach

2 Plan a Road Trip

3 Fly a Kite

4 Play Volleyball

5 Do a Pic Nic

6 Go to the Swimming Pool

7 Go Canoeing

8 Walk in Nature

9 Visit Castles on hot days

10 Try Water Skiing

11 Surf

12 Learn to a Boat

13 Sunbath

14 Collect Sea Shells

15 Eat Ice Cream

16 Read on the Beach

17 Stargaze at Night

18 Go see Fireworks

19 Have Parties

20 Explore Outside Markets near the Beach

21 Have a Crepe on a Café Terrace

22 Eat Churros

23 Eat Moules-Frites (Mussels and French Fries)

24 Eat Summer Fruits (Kiwis, Pineapples, Watermelons, etc.)

25 Go Sailing

26 Read about Oceans, Quests & Sea Legends (Moby-Dick, Odyssey, etc.)

27 Visit your Family House / Visit your Grand-Parents

28 Go to an Amusement Park

29 Go Camping

30 Make a Bonfire

31 Grill some Marshmallows

32 Make Cocktails and Lemonade

33 Visit an Honey Farm or Factory

34 Watch the Sunset or Sunrise

35 Read Summer Articles in Magazines and Answer Quizzes

36 Go to a Fun Fair

37 Go to a Botanical Garden

38 Adopt Plants

39 Take Care of your Pets (Don’t Abandon them!)

40 Have a Water Fight / Go to a Water Park

41 Visit an Aquarium

42 Put on some Temporary Tattoos

43 Buy a new Ankle Bracelet

44 Take your Solar Cream everywhere you go

45 Buy new Caps to protect yourself

46 Don’t go out without a Bottle of Water

47 Buy a new Swimming Suit or Sarong

48 Dye your hair lighter (and more colorful?)

49 Make long walks on the Beach (feet in the water of course!)

50 Make a Sand Castle

51 Do a speleology trip

52 Go Canyoning

53 Try Underwater Diving

54 Try Rafting

55 Try Parasailing

Hope you liked it! To me Summer is really the season of joy, happiness, love, friendship, memories and youth. This feeling of time flowing we have in Summer makes us bolder and I love it so much. So enjoy these three months to the fullest, Cuties!

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This article was written by @Oh_Rose for the Tenth Muse Writers Team
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