so i don't really know what i'm doing rn, but i know that i'm bored asf at night and honestly i only talk to a few people from school and i'd love some new friends from all over the world ;)

also did i mention i need new friends

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i don't wanna cry haha...ha

let's talk about music, (omg give me ur playlists and teach me a new language with songs), life in general and honestly anything but small talk. idk make me ur therapist, i suck at comforting but like i'll try :)

literally spill ur darkest secrets idc

so if ur interesteddd message me ur insta and/or snap whichever app u would like to use and let's be friends ;) i'll make groupchats on each app!

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internet friends are lowkey so cool, but here's some things about me andd a few rules cuz they might be needed

sooo my name is riya :) i'm 16 and i live in canada, i love music, procastinating is literally all i do and i'm lazy asf. i'm nice i swear, a lil shy around new people but i warm up eventually

and the rules:

  • be niceee
  • be active/try not to be dry; i don't want it to die :(
  • have fun hype people up
  • also pls be at least 14— y'all born after 05 i still think ur 9- i'm sorry :(

i hope to be friends soon! muah
also i coulnd't figure how to use emojis