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These "as girl" articles are a lot of fun to do, so I'm making a series out of them. I mean if you get a little creative there are so many ways they can be done.

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h a l c y o n
h a l c y o n

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here's, months as girls

j a n u a r y
Temporarily removed angel, red, and aesthetic image red, aesthetic, and light image red, rose, and aesthetic image
f e b u r a r y
aesthetic, beauty, and blue image book, blue, and aesthetic image blue, aesthetic, and jewelry image Image removed
m a r c h
green, aesthetic, and fashion image fashion, flowers, and style image eyebrows, green, and makeup image green, colors, and palette image
a p r i l
Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It fotograf, doğa, and manzara image night, blue, and neon image
m a y
fashion, outfit, and clothes image Image by lizzie fashion shoes, yellow, and shoes style image yellow, fashion, and aesthetic image
j u n e
makeup, flowers, and beauty image flowers, style, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed aesthetic, icon, and orange hair image
j u l y
dress, pink, and style image Image by Marya 💛 hair, pink, and hairstyle image pink, love, and aesthetic image
a u g u s t
aesthetic, beige, and chic image Image removed dog, animal, and girl image food, aesthetic, and Cookies image
s e p t e m b e r
Image by bluestarxxx makeup, glitter, and beauty image purple, balloons, and grunge image fashion, style, and outfit image
o c t o b e r
Image by ✧・゚:Cruella:・゚✧ skins, KAYA SCODELARIO, and black and white image fashion, black and white, and shoes image cat, cute, and kitten image
n o v e m b e r
hair, girl, and beauty image beige, brown, and color image classy chic, brown outfit, and fashion style mode image beauty image
d e c e m b e r
cat, white, and animal image Temporarily removed girl, hair, and white image flowers, white, and aesthetic image

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