If I was a Kardashian/ Jenner...

Inspired by:

name: Kaia Jenner
age: 21
birthday: 12 June 1999
where am I from: Calabasas


girl image badass, black and white, and girl power image that 70s show, donna, and Mila Kunis image Queen, quotes, and Late image
fierce, way too jealous just doesnโ€™t admit it


animal, beautiful, and doberman image Image removed
Chico and Marlon (Dobermann) - Kendall loves them


interior and luxury image house, home, and luxury image summer, pool, and swing image black, cars, and ferrari image

favorite sister

Image removed Temporarily removed
Kim and Khloe are the fun ones. Those three are very close with eachother.

favorite niece/ nephew

Image by Q kim kardashian, kim kardashian west, and chicago west image
Stormi and Chicago are the cutest and well behaved


Inspiring Image on We Heart It braid, hair, and hairstyle image Temporarily removed beautiful, coffe, and cup image
Was lucky with her lips and got natural plump lips, never did anything to her hair, just cut it


body, dress, and fancy image body, girl, and skin image body, girl, and style image fashion, dress, and pink image
Always on the thicker side, natural big booty


nails&tattoo image blue, body, and flower image
Both tattoos represent her youth.

Any beauty ops?

- liposuction 2x


kendall jenner, bikini, and model image Image by claire <3 jenner, travis scott, and family image kylie jenner, travis scott, and stormi webster image
Youtuber/ Influencer: mostly vlogs, but sometimes challenges with her family. She is the โ€žproducerโ€œ at family events. Films and cuts the home videos. (Kim and Khloe paid her when she was in 8th grade, so she considers the filming of her family a job ;) )

net worth: 20 Million



fashion image clothes, fashion, and leather skirt image Image removed fashion, aesthetic, and outfit image
She wears croptops and skirts. Sometimes even leather.

For โ€œKeeping up with the Kardashiansโ€œ

fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, style, and outfit image black leather jacket, white tee shirt, and leather pants trousers image bag, chanel, and clothes image
Because she doesnโ€™t want to change her clothes for the interviews she just wears blazers every time she is on the show. Chic but professional.


fashion, black, and dress image shoes, heels, and pink image fashion image beautiful, clothes, and clothing image
Tight dresses that keep everything in place and platform heels


body, heels, and model image Temporarily removed
Colorful and definitely useless if you want to swim

Kims Wedding

backless, evening dress, and formal image chic, hand, and long nails image
Her dress was way to risky for a 15 year old, but she loved it so much, that Kim let her wear it.

red carpet

Image removed dress, girl, and luxury image dress and fashion image red, fashion, and dress image
Red is her signature color on the red carpet. She wore blue once to the MET, because of the theme.


dua lipa and woman image dua lipa and aesthetic image
Dua Lipa- best friends for life

girl squad:

corinna kopf image lisa, blackpink, and lalisa manoban image sarah hyland image Temporarily removed
Corinna Kopf, Lalisa Manoban, Sara Hyland, Dua Lipa


1st boyfriend / ex:

elite, ander, and aron piper image ander and aron piper image
Arรณn Piper, he cheated after 2 years of being together

Current boyfriend:

keith powers and boys image photo and keith powers image
Keith Powers, her boyfriend, on and off, she is way too jealous and has trust issues

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