Days like today made me realize, good thing and bad things are both going to happen to get us where we need to go. The past couple of days have made me wanna curl up in a ball and never come out! But today made me feel so much better about myself. I applied for my first apartment, i handled my divorce papers, i did all my "adulting" i need to do today with no tears :) i was able to smile, laugh, and enjoy life with the amazing man i call mine. I wouldn't be able to say i made it this far without him. hes been my rock when everyone else left. he pushed me like a true friend to get through the hard time when no one else would. .. in other words..... breathe, laugh,cry.... do what you need to do but know things will get better slowly, you just have to wait for the once miracle and the rest will surely follow. :)

P.S Thank you Devon for not only being my best-friend but also being my "charmander"