Hey everyone! How many of you have finished school or college for the year? Maybe you graduated! Well, I know that I have more time on my hands these days and I think we need to really utilize that time! I have another quarantine article for you today- your ultimate quarantine bucket list! How many things have you done yet?

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1. Make dalgona coffee

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I've made whipped coffee, whipped matcha, and whipped chocolate milk! They're all so delicious!

2. Bake bread

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Baking bread is a super trendy Covid-19 activity. Try it out!

3. Try out YouTube workout videos

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Try Chloe Ting, Blogilates, and Pamela Ting. Or Yoga With Adriene if you like something more chill. I'll link Chloe + Pam's most trendy videos below and Cassey's TikTok video below for all of us basic ladies.

4. Read a really long book

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I've read eight books since quarantine, including the super long "The Count of Monte Cristo". What about you?

5. Binge watch a TV show

while you were sleeping and lee jong suk image strong woman do bong soon image
I've watched four k-dramas: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, While You Were Sleeping, Goblin, and Descendants of the Sun!

6. FaceTime your friends (or Zoom call with them!)

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You can still get together, just online! Don't let yourselves grow apart!

7. Learn an art skill

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Painting, knitting, even sewing your own face masks!

8. Clean your bathroom

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Bathrooms can collect a lot of grime, filth, and germs. Try to clean your bathroom once a week or every two weeks.

9. Plant something

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Plants are great company and fun to take care of. I currently have 4, including a succulent.

10. Order from your local restaurant

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A lot of small businesses need our help. Order food from your favorite local restaurant one night.

11. Dress up for no particular reason

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Put on a cute outfit, do your hair, and look bomb just because you want to.

12. Go on a social distanced walk

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Maintain 6 feet distance. Get moving!

13. Play Animal Crossing

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If you haven't already try out the coolest and trendiest game right now- Animal Crossing on your Nintendo Switch.

14. Try a face mask

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Glowing skin? Yes please! Get a good skincare routine going during quarantine.

15. Help your elderly neighbors with groceries

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See if your neighbors need help, especially if they're older. They might not be able to get out easily or might be more at risk for coronavirus so try to help them out! Be kind!

That's all for today! Hope you guys are staying safe and fighting for change! Be safe and be kind!