Hey guys! Before I start this article I just wanted to thanks you guys for all the like in one of my recent publication!

Since we probably have a lot of free times I thought that it would be a great idea to write about underrated show I LOVED!! Some of these shows aren't that underrated but deserve more recognizition.


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This is one of my favourite tv show! It's about an hacker who is exposing secrets of his classmates! It feel like Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars. There is good LGBTQ+ representation but I wish there was more diversity! you can find this on Netflix


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One of my favourite shows ever! It's not that underrated but people don't talk about it anymore... I'm not the biggest fan of the degrassi on netflix tho! I love the show especially the first seasons! It talks about serious issues but it's still kinda funny! You can find this on Tubi Tv and on youtube


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Also one of my favourite show!I love the older seasons where DJ and Stephanie are teenagers but I don't like Fullerhouse. It's not that underrated but it feels like teenagers don't watch this show because they think it's for children even tho there are a lot of helpful advice in it! It's lighthearted but it talks about serious issues and I love it! You can find this on Netflix

That's all for today! I'll probably make part 2!

Which one is your favourite?