Beauty Is Not In The Face; Beauty Is A Light In The Heart. - K.G.

1} Essentiel || Numéro un

chanel, perfume, and beauty image
  • Scents are great for creating a great theme to your personality

2} Essentiel || Numéro deux

makeup, beauty, and mac image beauty, beige, and gloss image
  • Lipsticks and Glosses are perfect for creating a sense of identity!

3} Essentiel || Numéro trois

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earrings, accessories, and chanel image chanel, sunglasses, and fashion image
earrings, accessories, and aesthetic image
  • Now, who said accessories were over the top? They were probably just upset that they didn't know how to properly accessorize! lol

4} Essentiel || Numéro quatre

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  • By adding a signature touch of color, fabrics, and patterns to your fav apparel pieces you can create a unique aesthetic that only you can style!

5} Essentiel || Numéro cinq

sneakers, shoes, and fashion image fashion, shoes, and white image
  • Either it's sneaker or heels your shoe choices are a great impact to a great aesthetic!
N O T E : ♥
  • Personality is what you make it so everything on this list may not suit the aesthetic you're going for and that's perfectly fine too! This is meant for inspirational purposes!

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